Endowments &

Foundations and endowments provide critical support for charitable, academic, cultural and religious causes. Strong investment performance and risk management will ensure that these organizations can continue to carry out their vital missions. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and clear communication to non-profit boards located here in Los Angeles and the South Bay. We serve organizations to make sure their financial assets are not only safeguarded, but also invested for growth above inflation to support future philanthropic endeavors.

We are hired to:

Seek strong investment results through careful investment analysis
Manage liquidity and risk through diversification and asset allocation
Reduce investment costs
Strategically adjust and rebalance your portfolio
Advise your major donors on gifting strategies
Be your trusted fiduciary above all else

We can also help your organization:

Identify its investment objective and appropriate level of risk
Improve governance and align with fiduciary standards
Develop an effective investment committee and investment policy statement
Identify reputable outside service providers
Evaluate the formation of a permanent endowment or quasi endowment

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