Individual Stock Portfolios

Regatta’s stock portfolio provides you with your own individual tax basis and offers a focused approach to portfolio construction. Co-CIO Britt Joyce, CFP®, CFA, MBA brings world-class talent to Regatta’s investment line- up. We recognize that far too many portfolios are weighed down by hidden fees, excessive cash balances and inadequate diversification. Our individual stock strategies are managed in-house, eliminating layers of fees. We actively diversify globally and across industries to manage risk while striving for strong long- term results.
Global Core Select is an actively managed portfolio holding approximately 40 diversified, leading, global companies.

Core Principals:

  1. Own companies with strong strategic positions. Companies that truly distance themselves from their competitors through intellectual property, cost advantages, economies of scale or network effects can earn outsized profits over long periods of time.
  2. Choose companies that can be bought for less than their fair value. This requires careful analysis and patience.
  3. Manage risk carefully. While this is an all-stock strategy that will fluctuate accordingly, risk is managed through disciplined diversification and fundamental company analysis.
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