Kristin Grant

Financial Advisor Associate & Director of Financial Education

Kristin is our Financial Advisor Associate and Director of Financial Education. She joined Regatta Capital Group in April 2018.

Kristin received her BA in Economics from San Diego State University. After earning her degree, Kristin worked her way up through the accounting profession from an analyst to a senior accountant for two very distinguished firms in Los Angeles. Discovering her passion for financial literary, Kristin made the transition to financial planning with goals to assist her community with making smarter financial decisions.

Kristin primarily works in our headquarters in El Segundo where she assists the advisors with client meetings and personnel. She is also the editor for the quarterly newsletter. Once a week, she works at our Westchester branch with Lisa Margulies where she helps build client relationships and host quarterly financial planning workshops.

In her spare time, Kristin loves to travel and engage in new adventures. She is also a part of a non-profit organization that inspires high school students and young adults to experience travel as a state of mind.