Lisa Margulies

Branch Manager & Financial Advisor

Lisa brings a unique, compassionate, yet focused and practical approach to financial planning. She is passionate about empowering women and men through all stages of life. Women, especially, continue to struggle to find themselves and define themselves as worthy. Women are absolutely artful and skillful at diversion, which has been required to survive in the attempt to thrive in an evolving world toward equality. Lisa bravely stands beside women in such a way that women are free to explore their own inner landscape, define themselves to themselves, and create a plan that is not a “to do” but rather an extension of who they are.

Lisa is perceptive and sensitive to the transitioning that takes place between retirement and aging. She has the ability to smooth this bumpy road for her clients. She excels at beginning the conversations on the more difficult topics like dignity and death as facility diminishes. Her gift is her ability to instill grace and ease, while creating comfort with the uncomfortable. It is very common for clients to acknowledge her by thanking her for “saving my life.” Over the years, she has come to see the deep desire of humanity is that of connection. As traditional churches and communities are in the process of redefining themselves, this space of disconnection and isolation is only exacerbated by outliving spouses, children, friends, and extended family. The prized legacy of leaving an inheritance for future generations is critically endangered by rising health-care costs and having strangers take them through the end-of-life experiences.

She is an active member of the Westchester Rotary and has served as youth services director where she has mentored and overseen programs for St. Bernard’s High School Interact program, Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet Interact program, and Loyola Marymount University Rotaract Program. She volunteers regularly to teach an empowering financial literacy program to schools and nonprofits.



Transformational Coach


I provide a space for the kind of listening that makes a difference in your ability to hold all that there is in your world.  I support you in creating a plan based on your dreams and desires.  This support is distinct from the common “advice seeking” that often stems from the fear of making a mistake or missing out on something.  When I coach, one of the greatest revelations my clients experience is a shift in how they make decisions.  They see, often for the first time, the unconscious “software” playing in the background that is largely made up of limiting beliefs.  Coaching reveals these unconscious motives and moves them to the conscious forefront, enabling true choice.

I invite you to reach out and explore a conversation about what Transformational Coaching can make possible in your life.