JP Kaczor

Financial Advisor Associate

JP is a Financial Advisor Associate at Regatta Capital Group, where he crafts holistic financial plans for his clients. Originally from Westchester, California, JP earned his BA in Economics from Loyola Marymount University in 2017. Following his graduation, he entered the United States Marine Corps, serving for four years as an Air Defense Officer. After an honorable discharge, JP transitioned to the wealth management sector. He began his career at a firm specializing in advising military personnel before joining Fidelity Investments. At Fidelity, JP assisted numerous clients in creating financial and investment strategies tailored to their needs. He is deeply committed to promoting financial literacy and helping clients achieve their financial objectives, with expertise spanning estate planning, tax planning, and retirement planning.

Outside of work, JP enjoys snowboarding, playing basketball, chess, reading, traveling, and spending cherished moments with friends and family.

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