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Charitable giving is something that matters deeply to many of our clients from large to small. For more and more clients, philanthropic endeavors have become a pillar in their wealth management strategy, serving a unique and individualized need. We work closely with you to create a plan that fits yours goals and interests.

Family Foundations

Private family foundations continue to be a favorite vehicle among families seeking to make a positive and long-lasting impact on the world. The choice of issues and organizations a family supports represents your family’s values in action. Including multiple generations in the conversation has the added benefit of passing on values (and the accompanying stories) from one generation to the next.

Building a Legacy

Your legacy is not just about increasing the financial wealth that you hope to pass on to future generations. It can be challenging to prepare your family for the wealth they will receive. Through years of experience working with high net worth families, we have learned that the best approach is more than just financial education for the rising generations—it also involves a cross-generational understanding of what wealth means to individual family members and to the family as a whole. Have you seen the movie COCO? We all die two deaths. One, when our heart stops beating. The other when no one remembers us anymore. What will your legacy be? We can help you create a legacy planning vision and then work with you to put this plan in place.

Concentrated Stock Positions

At Regatta, we focus on how we can best optimize your concentrated equity positions, protect against declines in value and enhance returns. We allow for diversification, increase borrowing capacity and defer costly capital gains costs. We strive to protect the integrity of your single stock position and generate liquidity, while also minimizing any adverse tax impact. We will help you address the complicated balance of risk, taxes and contractual restrictions that concentrated stock positions may entail. The cost of diversification is often increased taxes, so we propose strategies that minimize that tax impact, like investing capital gains in qualified opportunity zone funds or harvesting capital losses to offset these gains. We evaluate the benefits and risks of holding concentrated stock positions, and we try to strike a balance between what the client values and what makes a sensible financial plan.

Selling a business

Owning, operating and selling a business can be complicated with business, legal and tax implications. Regatta uses a cooperative approach to help with corporate structure planning, financial statement review and planning strategies, identification of best fit retirement plans for the business and eventually an exit strategy. Regatta can offer advice on the investment of the company’s retirement plan or the investment of the proceeds after the sale of the business to ensure income and wealth goals are reached.

Divesting of real estate holdings

Regatta’s advisors together with its in-house tax professionals can assist in evaluating the cost and benefits of buying and selling a personal residence, vacation home or business property, refinancing a mortgage or a reverse mortgage. We can help evaluate the cost of sale, tax liabilities and proceeds to be received. Regatta can advise on the investment of the proceeds from a sale or reverse mortgage to meet our client’s needs and goals.

Multi-generational planning

Regatta is proud to serve many multi-generational family clients. We have dozens of first and second generation clients, a few that are three generations, and even one that currently has four generations of family members with accounts open! This means that we know how to listen and communicate with you, no matter what your age.

We work with your estate planning attorney to handle the formalities of wealth transfer, but where we really shine is when you need someone to give your child or parent some guidance, or you need some advice about how to involve them. We have seen many of the challenges that wealth and personalities can bring and can be your trusted partner to help you chart the course forward.

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