Private Real Estate

Investment Management

Regatta allows our clients to invest directly in apartment buildings across the country through approved best-in-class private real estate managers. We go through our due diligence process for each new deal to review and approve. We also conduct ongoing property and manager due diligence to track progress for each property. Regatta has funded over 70+ deals with 17 full-cycled deals.

The real estate landscape changed in California with the 2019 passing of state-wide rent control. Our managers that focus on California saw this coming and adjusted their business models and site-specific strategies to stay out of trouble. Fortunately, we own LP interests in properties across the country, in states such as AZ, NV, OR, WA, TX, OK, MI, PA, VA, MO, KS, and SC.

Our investments in private real estate require considerably more time and attention to evaluate and monitor than stocks, bonds, and funds, but we deliver these opportunities on the same unified fee schedule so our clients know that when we make a recommendation we are not conflicted.