Transformational Coaching

“Being still and listening allows us to behold what is before us. The deepest form of bearing witness is to behold another in all their innocence. This is the key to love. To listen until the noise of the world subsides. To listen until the noise of the mind subsides. To listen until the noise of our wounds subsides. To listen until we only hear the life before us.” Drinking from the River of Light – Mark Nepo

What is it?

Most people have a reference of coaching in sports – but, there are many valuable uses of this type of support. Transformational Coaching offered by Regatta can be likened to the quote above.

We provide a space for the kind of listening that makes a difference in your ability to hold all that there is in your world. We support you in creating a plan based on your dreams and desires. This support is distinct from the common “advice seeking” that often stems from the fear of making a mistake or missing out on something. When I coach, one of the greatest revelations my clients experience is a shift in how they make decisions. They see, often for the first time, the unconscious “software” playing in the background that is largely made up of limiting beliefs. Coaching reveals these unconscious motives and moves them to the conscious forefront, enabling true choice.

If you find yourself with very familiar concerns year after year, you could benefit from this unique type of Transformational Coaching.

Through this work, you may discover opportunities for forgiveness, reframing interpretations of your past, and ways to move beyond dominance and survival into creation and empowered presence.

Truly successful transformational coaching is grounded in safety, courage, and vulnerability. It is a deep commitment by both coach and coachee to face the shadow and shine light on it. Imagine for yourself what it might be like to stop being dominated by your internal judge? To actually feel empowered and present? These shifts are common in my work. I invite you to reach out and explore a conversation about what Transformational Coaching can make possible in your life.

You can quiet your mind and finally have an experience of enough.

Who is this coaching for?

You know you are ready for this kind of coaching when you are no longer interested in short-term fixes or external resources that cover up what’s really going on inside.

There is something in you that must be answered. It is not a rational, mental exercise – yet we have been taught that everything can be “thought through.” This is why you cannot get an answer externally. This internal question can only be answered by turning inward. The coaching process simply creates the structure where you are safe & free to go where the answers lie.

This requires a full YES – from your heart, from your soul – for the coaching to be successful. Whether you know if you have a full YES now or not, if you are being called, I invite you to answer now. This Inner Question will only get stronger with time – you deserve to give yourself this gift now.

What now?

If you see yourself in any of the above, I invited you to call to set up a conversation.

In this call, you will experience for yourself how and if I am the guide for your journey. Any and all emotional reactions are welcomed, and will be met with non-judgmental acceptance. Know that you will simply be met right where you are.

I have sat with tens of thousands of individuals over the years – honoring and supporting their individuality and courageous openness. Fear is likely, but isn’t required. Wherever you are, I will meet you there – my intention is to simply empower you to move beyond limitation to your true, empowered, authentic Self.

Let’s have that conversation today.

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